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Sober as a Bird – A Matt Wastro LEGEND


Fancy as Fuck Football Club – Extended from the original phrase “Fancy as Fuck” during derby days in Seattle and became the equivalent of PTFC for the TA:CO soccer team.


Read The Fucking Manual (no really, read it) –

Phrases (are we still doing phrasing?)

Behind Enemy Lines – Operating within flounder territory specifically, but can be extended to any away travel as well.

Eyes in the Dark – Coined by the one and only legend Brent Diskin for one of our first designs and ultimately our first patch.

TA:CO Van – TA:CO vans are organized by members driving from Seattle to PDX/BC and have room for others. Typically we would open a poll on the Facebook group where members can identify themselves as any status; have room, need a ride, have an extra ticket, need an extra ticket. From there we would swap-meet and arrange rides identified by TA:CO Van numbers. Lambert usually drove TA:CO Van 1, all others were number 2 or lower.

Curd Burgled

Alititude – yes this is spelled correct (ah-lit-eh-tude). Started from watching Timbers v Rapids and every time the announcer said altitude we would drink. Altitude became the name of the superlative awarded to the person that brought halftime joints for everyone. When writing the fancy award card someone misspelled altitude and now it is forever known as Alititude.

Jolly TA:CO – One of our most infamous flag designs was whipped together in 30 seconds by Chris Hertz during a flag painting party at his house. We never expected this flag to become so iconic, but it traveled to multiple away days, dozens of trips to PDX, and was used to spot TA:CO in the crowd on broadcast. The flag was dropped from the top floor (26th) of the Wave in 2018 during Fancy TA:CO and landed in a tree below. By the time we made it downstairs to rescue it (immediately if I recall correctly) it was missing. When we closed out the party and entered the stadium Lionel Lynner came to me and asked if we lost something. He had seen the flag fall, climbed the tree and grabbed it, and brought it inside the stadium for us.

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