When I Root – A Beginning and How to Join

What the hell is this anyways?

A bunch of soccer fans (specifically members of the Timbers Army : Covert Ops) were attempting to tell stories of past matches and the history of how our group came to be. We realized that in the last 8 years many great stories were lost either to someone moving away, or the fact that we are all just getting older.

We had the idea to start writing things down, and a long term goal of taking these stories and compiling a TA:CO anthology for print.

While we may never be able to produce a nice coffee table compendium of all things TA:CO, we can at least create a space for everyone to share their own stories, comment, and expand. We may not all recall events in the same way, and hopefully this lets us see multiple points of view and enjoy the memories.

Want to contribute?

You must be invited by a member of the site in order to join. Join the TA:CO Discord server and ask for an invite in the #anthology-discussion channel. We will need your email address to send an invite.

Want to invite others?

Find your profile page under the Members section and you will have an invite tab to enter their email address.

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