2018 MLS Cup Dance-Off

Pre-Game in Atlanta December 8, 2018

TA:CO travelled in force for the second MLS Cup just as we did for 2015. Inside the stadium before kick-off we left the stands and headed for the concourse to try and find matchday scarfs and say hello to people. Several TA:CO ran to various areas of the stadium looking for the merch booths but everyone came up empty. I stayed behind at the gathering spot along with Michael Seo. We were both very (very) Sober as a Bird.

Atlanta fans were streaming by us looking for beverages on the concourse and both sides were enjoying the banter back and forth as we stood still. No one crossed the line, that is until someone came by blasting a radio. This was cause for a fight. Michael is no small dude and was having none of their shenanigans, he was not about to back down judging by the sudden serious business look on his face.

Michael walked straight up to the person with the radio, pointed at the guy, pointed at the ground in front of himself, looked back up at the guy and challenged him with a two finger “come here” motion. The guy hands off the radio to a buddy, and steps forward to meet Michael face to face. Everyone was stopped and watching, the WHOLE concourse came to a traffic halt in expectation of a throw down.

No one predicted what came next. Michael dusts his shoes off dramatically and begins to crip walk across the newly cleared dance floor. The gauntlet was thrown. The ATL fan attempts to hold his own but is swiftly put down for lack of dance moves. He steps from the circle and gets his radio, while tagging in his buddy. His buddy was the backup but brought the big guns to the show. There are now two men in the circle, both built like NFL players.

Round 2 starts with ATL doing a moonwalk and splits, rising to a robot maneuver before gesturing to Michael with a bow. Michael struts over to him, wraps his scarf around the opponent’s neck, and proceeds to sexy dance him as if he was on stage at Casa Diablo. He releases his victim with a flourish, backs up and finishes with a dougie while brushing off his shoulders and his new challenger. His opponent concedes, they shake hands and hug, and the before the next challenge comes we notice an observer going nuts cheering for Michael…. it’s AD Franch!

Now that the party has started it’s time for a chant-off. This challenge was relatively short lived considering we were a bunch of seasoned Away Day Legends from the Timbers Army versus a brand new plastic FC with stolen songs. 10 of us were able to chant down the whole concourse. They brought backups, and our backups came in when they heard the ruckus. By the end there were at least 50 TA echoing down the entire concourse. ATL had nothing on us.

It was clear that TA:CO had just single handedly defeated ATL that day, all we had to do now was wait for the Timbers to win right?

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