2024 Design Competition

Announcing: The TA:CO Scarf Design Competition!

Every year Timbers Army: Covert Ops makes some of the coolest merch around–and now is your chance to help continue this legacy! For our 2024 season scarf, we are holding a design competition! That’s right, you might get to see your very own design with a TA:CO tag on it!

Get to it though, the deadline is March 31st, at 11:59pm! Voting will begin in April and the winner will be announced.

Why the delay, you might ask? Why, so we can help turn those designs into a reality! That’s right, if you’ve got an incredible idea for a TA:CO scarf but your artistic abilities are limited to napkin sketches, this is still the contest for you! We’ll take the submitted ideas, whether simple or elaborate, and turn them into a fully-fledged scarf idea ready for people to vote on.

Only one scarf will ultimately win to be the 2024 TA:CO scarf, but your design won’t go unappreciated! Not only will everyone get to see it during voting, but we might use some of those ideas for future swag! (You’ll still get the credit, of course, including a freebie of whateverswag gets made of it.)

The critical things we’re looking for in this design contest:

  • A MAXIMUM of eight (8) colors in the scarf design itself. The fringe can be UP TO three (3) colors.
  • Back and front must be different
  • Go wild with the theme! The Pacific NW, a Thorns/Timbers combo, Seattle, spys, anything you can think of! See designs on the rest of this site for examples.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any designs that are racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. at our own discretion. We will yeet these into the nearest oubliette. Spred the love, not hate.

We are especially eager for our local TA:COs to get in on the act, but if you have a great idea for a design and you’re elsewhere, throw it in, it might just be what we’re looking for! To be clear, we’ll accept submissions from any fan group, but espeically encourage local TA:COs to get in on this.

We’ll have more details on the voting and how it’s going to work once we get closer to the deadline. Stay tuned for that.

When you’re ready to submit your MS Paint file/bar napkin/finger-painting, use the Airtable Link below.

To help you with your ideas and designs: TA:CO Clipart with logos and samples to freely use. Dropbox Link

You have your mission, begin here at the submission form: Airtable Link

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