The RegiMENTAL Food Fight

We have seen you struggle like a baby puppy before it’s eyes have opened. We have taken note of your struggles to aid the proletariat, and while your intentions are good… like all western men your will is weak. We challenge you to a COLD (food) WAR. starting today and lasting until the end of the season. A contest to see which supporters group can gather the most food by weight. The stakes of this competition I leave to you.

On May 7th 2016 the Timbers Army Eastern Bloc issued a challenge to the TA:CO Facebook group.

That year TA:CO and EB both collected food and cash donations to see which group could raise the most. The loser had to paint a two stick for the winner. The two groups combined to raise over 3400 pounds of food and $8,921.84 for our local food banks in 2016.

In 2017 we rekindled the RegiMENTAL Food Fight and raised 8800 pounds of food to food banks across the US. In total just over $18800 was donated including matching donations from various sources.

The RegiMENTAL Food Fight only lasted two years, but the TA:CO and EB collected and delivered 13,200 pounds (almost 7 tons) of food and $27,800 in donations to our local food banks.

The Eastern Bloc was ultimately crowned champion and the wagered two-stick was delivered for them to fly at Providence Park. Unfortunately, the paint used for the two stick was not exactly water proof and ended up melting all over the victorious Pladiators.

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