The Timbers Army : Covert Ops Manual

TA:CO quickly realized we are a diverse group of individuals and although that leads to our strength, it can cause conflict as well. We needed a loose set of guidelines demonstrating common sense, and we wanted to have fun with it.

Julia started the first draft of the TA:CO Manual and brought it to the Loft for input. From there we took it to Facebook chat for input from the group, afterwards it was published. Now, read the fucking manual (RTFM).

The Manual Part 1 (2013)

TA:CO History:
When the world was formed Timber Jim took his axe and cleaved the Puget Sound for the state of Washington in the north. He carved beautiful islands and deep channels. However, flounder invaded those channels and emerged clothed in a wretched rave green. Chased by an angry horde Jim was forced south but left behind a few brave souls in the hopes that someday they would find each other and create a pocket of sanctuary in the Puget Sound. Then the day came where the wind blew with the scent of roses. The operatives in seclusion realized that they were not as alone as they had once believed and a meeting of the minds was called.
It was then decreed:

  1. If you want to be TA:CO, you already are. However, we are focused on the Puget Sound and those who live here.
  2. Hate on the team not on the town (or their fans)*.
  3. TA:CO is not just a supporters group, it’s a support group. You gotta have each other’s back when you’re behind enemy lines.
  4. TA:COs hug it out.
  5. TA:CO welcomes members from other areas, however, tickets and other goodies posted to the page are meant for those behind enemy lines. If you don’t live in Puget Sound area, please don’t snipe tickets from our page or post requests. When staking a claim please note where you live.
  6. TA:CO is inclusive and language matters. Please refrain from sexist, racist, ablist language on our page. Be respectful, you were once a newbie too. Explain things rather than make fun of people. Save trolling for the Cascadia Trifecta page
  7. We’re a lighthearted group: Non militaristic, actively welcoming, loose organizational structure. We like it that way, if your group does it differently awesome, different structures make the overall TA stronger.
  8. No TA:CO rides alone! The page is great for organizing carpools to the land of beer and grass fed organically raised everything.
  9. Don’t spam us. You’re working on a blog about soccer or part of a charity event? Awesome, feel free to post it, if you’re an active part of our community. If you only post your blog and/or post constantly we might ask you to ease up. Asking TACOs to join you for an event/trip is never spam.
  10. TA:CO scarves are an in person, cash only deal. NO SHIPPING. Proceeds go to the TA, a free scarf for the organizational team members and supplies for two sticks and banners. Future runs will have 10% going to a local charity.
  11. The TA:CO manual, like TA:CO members, goes to 11.

*Except on derby days, then fuck this town.

The Manual Part 2 (2016)

The manual was revised to be shorter and more concise.

  1. If you want to be TA:CO, you already are.
  2. Hate on the team not on the town or their fans.
  3. TA:CO is not just a supporters group, it’s a support group.
  4. TA:COs hug it out.
  5. Locals get first dibs on tickets and goodies.
  6. TA:CO is inclusive and language matters.
  7. We have no official leadership, we are all in this boat together.
  8. No TA:CO rides alone.
  9. Don’t spam us, participate.
  10. All merch has 10% donated to local charity. Scarfs are an in person deal only, NO SHIPPING.
  11. The TA:CO manual goes to eleven, just like our members.

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