TA:CO Design Contest Voting!

Timbers Army: Covert Ops would like to thank everyone who participated and shared our 2024 scarf design competition! Over the last few weeks, we received incredible, funny, awe-inspiring, and downright ridiculous scarf designs!

The design that receives the most votes will be chosen as the 2024 TA:CO scarf and will receive a FREE scarf once we have it manufactured through a local Seattle based company. They will also be for sale at most of our watch parties in Seattle and at some away-game events.

The runner-up designs will receive a custom-made RCTID patch, so check your DMs!

Remember, it’s not about the artistic quality. It’s about the idea. We will polish as needed to produce the best swag possible.

VOTING ENDS ON APRIL 14th at 11:59pm
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Vote Here – https://forms.gle/a57pFKR7iM83HAxu5

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