TA:CO Traditions

Every year TA:CO has several “holidays” that we celebrate together. This is our list of traditions (so far).


You can’t kick off a Timbers season without a preseason. Unfortunately matches were not usually available on TV, and at best we could find a Youtube or Periscope stream on our phones. TA:CO would meetup and throw a big party anyways, we are all excited every year to see each other again. We make plans for what we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Any new charities to support? Anyone have any new ideas for merch or designs?

Merit Badges

Merritt badges are awarded to everyone that visits Kate’s Pub for a TA:CO event their first time.

For more info on Timbers Army Merrit badges or other patches check out this AWESOME SITE.

Challenge Coins

TA:CO was the first Timbers Army group to produce challenge coins. They were created in complete secrecy, only 3 TA:CO admins knew about them.

We didn’t have a lot of cash reserves in the TA:CO Paypal at this point, and we didn’t know how many to purchase but we knew they would be popular. We didn’t want anyone to miss out so we decided to take preorders. But how the hell do you take preorders on something and still keep it a secret?

Easy, the Timbers Army is all about spreading the love. We posted a signup page using Google forms that only said 3 things.

“Send us $20 and you will get 2 of something awesome by end of the month, shipping included. One for you, one for a friend. Each one is unique.”

Each TA:CO challenge coin is uniquely numbered between 1-500. There are several ranges of numbers where each coin is colored differently.

1-9 – Top Secret earned for exceptional contributions to TA:CO

10-29 – Gold for TA:CO founding members

30-59 – Silver for early members

60- 100 – Copper for TA:CO supporters

101-111 – Gold awarded to section VIP according to TA GA section (coin 107 is in the Fanladen on display)

112 – 200 – Bronze for trading/gifting (original signups received this range as their second coin)

201 – 211 – Silver awarded to section VIP according to TA GA section of recipient.

212 – 500 – All bronze and sold at TA:CO meetups for charity funds

For more information about challenge coins in general, checkout the history:


Fancy TA:CO

This probably needs its own section entirely and linked here.

New Scarf

Link to scarf article when finished.

Family Flag

Each year TA:CO creates a new design and flag that is carried to all TA:CO events (and/or away days). Everyone is welcome to sign it. At the end of each season the flag is given to the person voted MVP TA:CO Supreme during the end of season party.

Charity Raffle

TA:CO holds a charity raffle event at every meetup. Tickets are $2 each and 100% of profits goes into the TA:CO charity fund. Winners are drawn at halftime and fulltime, each winner is able to choose any item from the raffle table.

Raffle table prizes are donated from members. It includes patches, stickers, jerseys, t-shirts, scarfs, buttons, and miscellaneous swag. All items on the table are also for sale (suggested donations vary depending on what you are after.)

Starting 2021 TA:CO takes 10% of the raffle prize to add to a Kate’s Pub giftcard. This card is on the raffle table as an available prize and will grow each raffle until claimed. There is always something on the table worth winning.

Volunteer Events

TA:CO volunteers at least once a year at a local Seattle food bank. Our current donation target is the Ballard Food Bank and we partner with Food Lifeline with larger groups.

End of Year Party and Awards

Then end of season TA:CO party typically happens in January right before pre-season kick-off to allow members to spend holidays with their family and not miss out on TA:CO events. The party is always held at Kate’s and boasts one of our larger turnouts each year. We typically re-watch our favorite Timbers match of the year, the 2015 MLS Cup, Double Post match, or the Magic was Real documentary while we celebrate the end of the previous season.

Each year TA:CO hosts an awards ceremony for members voted by superlative within the group. Not all awards are voted democratically, some are special acknowledgements from TA:CO admins. Each year the award categories fluctuate but there are several consistent awards and prizes.

Yearly Superlative Categories:

MVP TA:CO Supreme – This season’s GOAT elected by members. The winner takes home the family flag signed by the whole group each year.

Away Day Legend – Awarded (usually by data) for the member that traveled the furthest over the season. (most aways, distance, or captain of the TA:CO Van to PDX). Awards vary between gas cards and fancy leather driving gloves.

Rookie of the Year – Awarded to the newest member of TA:CO that came out swinging. Get stuck in fast and you can win this award in your first season. Prizes vary but usually consist of an older merch item that is no longer available pulled from the TA:CO vault.

Sober as a Bird – Long story and will need to link here later. Awarded to the least likely member to be designated driver.

Fancy as Fuck – Pretty self-explanatory. Voted by members on who dressed the best for Fancy TA:CO, or consistently looks dressed to kill all season anyways.

Alternate Superlative Categories:

As Seen on TV – Awarded to the TA:CO(s) we spot on TV while watching at Kate’s.

STL (Spread TA:CO Love) – A tribute to Timber Jim’s Spread the Love. Voted by members for exceptional karmic payment.

Community Service Award – Usually an obvious choice for the person driving charity work within TA:CO.

Babysitter Award – Deprecated. Awarded for the TA:CO that took care of everyone that needed help.

Undercover Award – Voted by members for the unsung hero within TA:CO that season.

Missing Person – Most likely to be spotted on a milk carton before reappearing at Kate’s Pub. Awarded to regular TA:CO members that were not able to make it to events for a significant time.

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