JFL- My First TA:CO Meetup

I moved to Seattle 11/11/2012 and spent each weekend for the rest of the year driving back down to Portland to see friends. The only 2 friends I had in Seattle were Sounders fans, so it was good to be around TA even if there were no matches going on and I had to drive to Portland and back.

My Sounders friend told me about her friend that knew some Timbers fans and were meeting up to watch the game. I have no idea how the event was scheduled since there was not a Facebook group yet, but I found the place within walking distance of my apartment. I never did meet our mutual friend, she never came to a meetup. But Jessie, I owe you a beer still.

My first TA:CO event was on 3/3/2013 at Tailgater’s in Ballard. There were only 7-8 of us and this was the first held at Tailgater’s. There were two previous events, one at the Dray and one other secret location that no one seems to remember yet.

We were already committed to calling ourselves Timbers Army Covert Ops at this point, mostly because it sounded awesome and had a taco joke built in. The term covert ops was already known to the TA on popular posting boards, but this was before my time (post comments to correct me here).

This was the event we decided to put the colon in the name though. We wanted to make sure that we focused on the secret agent theme rather than make a bunch of cheap food jokes. Also, TA:COs respect the colon whereas tacos do not.

Immediately after the game Bryan created the TA:CO Facebook group and the rest is history.

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