A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The new approach that uses technology to cut your effort in half

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The new approach that uses technology to cut your effort in half

Using the Smarter Way to Learn method, you actually learn JavaScript, you don’t just read about it.

Research shows that you learn four times as effectively when you practice after you read. So each chapter is paired with free, interactive exercises–more than 1,000 of them in all. You know you’re learning because you can prove it to yourself.

  • Testing shows that books and courses load up the learner with too much information at once. Smarter Way chapters are divided into bite-size chunks so you’re not overwhelmed.
  • Reader friendly. No jargon. Everything is explained in plain, non-technical English.
  • Written for beginners, but experienced developers will find it valuable for brushing up their skills.
  • Exercises are free and interactive, online.
  • Lots of coding examples and illustrations.
  • Re-do an exercise as many times as you need to until you get it right and know you got it right.
  • Each group of exercises builds on previous chapters so learning is reinforced all along the way.
  • Automated Exercise Manager corrects your mistakes and points you in the right direction when you stumble.
  • The Smarter Way to Learn series is the most-praised collection of programming books on Amazon. These books have earned more than a thousand 5-star reviews from Amazon readers.

Read the reviews that call The Smarter Way of learning fun, involving, frustration-free, and confidence-building. Then, if you want to go beyond reading about JavaScript and actually learn the skills, do it the smarter way.


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  1. I have tried udemy courses as well as tuts premium courses but somehow the teachers go straight into complicated stuff I don’t quite get. This ebook is the perfect book for anyone wanting to learn javascript. As a matter of fact, most of those tutorials online don’t go into the simple details like this ebook does. I finally know how to splice, slice, push, pop, shift and unshift an Array. It’s also hard to forget this stuff when you right away get coding on Mark’s website.

    As part of my learning, I’m also taking another class by Jeff Escalante, it’s called “Making Kittens fly with JavaScript”, I’m learning so much already because his course actually involves building a project from scratch. I tried learning javascript before from the “Eloquent Javascript” book and it was more intermediate than beginners so hopefully once I’m done with a smarter way to learn javascript and the other class I’m taking, I’ll be able to finally understand the content of that book.

    And for those of you who want to take their javascript knowledge to the next level, I recommend you start with THINKFUL school, it’s an online school that focuses on front end and also involves doing projects from scratch in pure javascript, jquery and ajax. I’m planning to enroll once I finish this ebook, my other class, and the eloquent javascript book.

    I recommend this ebook in the meantime to understand javascript better as you start getting into more advanced stuff in other courses. This book will really push you to learn the javascript fundamentals at last.

  2. This isn’t an ebook so much as it is a mini-course, and as such it is incredibly good value. Myers teaches you how to program using JavaScript, and does so in a very easy-to-follow, well-thought-out way. Each concept is carefully broken down and clearly explained in a bite-sized lesson; it is then followed up by exercises you can do in a little “sandbox” environment he provides. This learn and then do approach is very effective and helps the concepts stick. The sandboxes are handy because you can play with what you just learned immediately in a safe place.

    I also appreciated his writing style in this book: he is very clear, but also quite lively, and the book is never dry. He is also politely firm in his instructions in a way that makes him sound confident of your eventual success. If you have ever wanted to learn how to program, or even if you just want to understand more of what your programmers are telling you, this is a great place to start.

  3. In creating his ebook “A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript”, Mark Myers has done something I have never seen done before in an ebook. He has created the equivalent of an interactive tool that allows him to “reach” across the Internet and give you hands-on instruction to facilitate learning JavaScript. He has accomplished this in three ways. First, he has adopted a relaxed vs. formal language in his text, giving you the impression of learning JavaScript with a friend sitting next to you at the computer, as opposed to being in a formal classroom setting with a teacher. Second, he has broken down the elements of the syllabus into small, easy-to-capture lessons that aid in learning one concept at a time. Third, he has incorporated an interactive quiz / lesson recap tool that reinforces the lesson just completed, thus cementing your learning of the JavaScript language as you progress. Closely coupled with this is the fact that this ebook amounts to a home-study course, allowing you to complete your indoctrination to JavaScript at your leisure and in an environment of your choosing. As someone whose software knowledge has been limited to use of packaged software like MS Office and the like, I was surprised to find myself learning and coding in JavaScript as I progressed through the lessons. Mark has created a truly innovative way to learn JavaScript, leading to my high recommendation of this ebook to anyone, of any age, interested in mastering this software language.

  4. Mark Myers is a genius and his simple method could literally change the way we learn to code in the future. As someone who has done it all…read numerous books, watched both paid and free video courses online, done the various free online tutorials and invested thousands at a programming bootcamp…I can say truthfully say that this is the most effective method I have ran across to date.

    The short bite-sized snippets of information (known as chapters) are just enough where my brain can consume the info without becoming overwhelmed or shutting off. The interactive exercises that are presented at the end of each chapter then drive the principles of that chapter home but most importantly get your fingers used to typing and becoming familiar with the language and syntax. The timed exercises are also genius as it means that I now have to recall the information at a decent and comfortable speed.

    Each lesson somewhat builds on principles (and cleverly integrates) what you have learned from past chapters so you never really get the chance to forget what you previously learned although there are 80-something chapters. At about half-way through the book I now find myself being able to understand and read code much more comfortably and fluently and I can’t wait to see what my level will be once I finish. If you’re thinking of learning how to program in JavaScript, I promise, this is the ONLY way to go.

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