The Fear and Anxiety Solution: A Breakthrough Process for Healing and Empowerment with Your Subconscious Mind

The Fear and Anxiety Solution: A Breakthrough Process for Healing and Empowerment with Your Subconscious Mind

The Fear and Anxiety Solution is the 2012 Independent Publisher Award Gold Medal Winner and the USA Best-Book Award Winner in the category best new-self-help book.

You’re late to a meeting and caught in traffic. Your toddler is screaming and your in-laws just showed up. You’re about to give an important presentation but you’ve misplaced your notes-and you’re beginning to panic. We all find ourselves in situations that stir up anxiety. And for many of us, our fear and worry have reached debilitating levels. How can we stay balanced and live up to our potential when fear and anxiety seem so easily to get the best of us? According to Dr. Friedemann Schaub, the answer lies in the subconscious mind-the source of our most challenging emotions and the key to the wisdom they offer.

The Fear and Anxiety Solution, Award-Winner in the ‘Best New Self-Help Book’ category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards, presents Dr. Schaub’s breakthrough and empowerment program for learning to understand, direct, and utilize the subconscious mind as our greatest ally on the path to health and wholeness. The processes and tools of each chapter will show you how to consciously work with your subconscious mind to pinpoint and understand the root causes and deeper meanings of your fear and anxiety, release emotional blocks from the past, and “shine more of who you truly are out into the world.” Through step-by-step guidance, Dr. Schaub explains how to transform fear and anxiety into healing catalysts that lead to greater confidence, self-worth, and success, as he illuminates:

The five principles for change-awareness, flexibility, choice, actualization, and readjustment
How to address inner conflicts, stored emotions, and limiting beliefs-the three subconscious root causes of fear and anxiety
A five-step process for effectively eliminating negative self-talk and mind-racing
How to manage “free-floating anxiety”
The Parts Reintegration Process, a powerful method for peace of mind, increased energy, and improved health
The Pattern Resolution Process for releasing subconsciously stored fear and anxiety
How to replace your old anxiety-driven identity with a new foundation of self-empowerment at the cellular level

“The more unresolved fear and anxiety you’ve stored in your subconscious, the more untapped potential awaits you,” explains Dr. Schaub. With The Fear and Anxiety Solution, now you have the tools to change faster and perform better in every aspect of your life through the power of conscious-subconscious collaboration.


  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • Publisher: Electronic University; 1 edition (November 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1604078561
  • ISBN-13: 978-1604078565
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 6.2 x 9.5 inches
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  1. WHAT THIS BOOK INCLUDES: Techniques for our conscious to connect with our unconscious where many of the root causes of dysfunctional behaviors are. Dr. Schaub gives detailed methods to recognize the messages that anxiety and fear signal from our unconscious. These techniques help us shift our perceptions to incorporate the real information from our subconscious into our consciousness. These alternative thought patterns enable us to access a more functional, balanced approach to life. He also teaches ways to check back with our subconscious to keep us on our new functional paths. I strongly recommend this approach to anyone struggling with negative emotions and/or thought forms causing dysfunction in their lives.
    HOW THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE: In my work with this book and with Dr Schaub, I became aware of many life long negative thought forms that affected my self perception. We worked through these by the recording at least several negative self-comments which I counter balanced with at least 3 positive comments regarding each “self-abuse”. I had been conscious of some of these self-defeating patterns, but was astounded at how many and how deep these patterns can be. And this helped me be less depressed and more willing to keep working. Beyond that we/I discovered parts of myself that I had submerged. The anxiety, fears, worries, negative approach to life were telling me these parts needed love, acceptance, and upliftment. I’m a pediatrician and have no trouble being compassionate with and treating children with unconditional love. It has been a joy to be able to unconditionally love myself. Recognizing, accepting, and developing alternative ways of dealing with the fears/anxiety and the underlying self needs has been revolutionizing in my life.Read more ›

  2. The Fear & Anxiety Solution is an exceptional resource from a gifted physician of cardiology medicine and cellular biology. It’s clear that Friedemann truly ‘walks his talk’ and is willing to unlock the mysteries of the mind-body-spirit connection for all to understand. Most importantly, he inspires to create a bridge from deep rooted life-long fears and anxieties with solutions of empowerment that honor the innate true WHOLE Self. What a precious gift to ourselves and the world!

  3. Fear and anxiety are on the rise – any time you watch the news or check the local newspaper, you are likely to find information that makes you worried about your future and the future of your children. People can let fear and anxiety take over their lives and it can be have a negative impact on your life in a wide variety of ways.

    However, there are ways to maintain and deal with the fear and anxiety that we all face in our lives. Even when we feel our concerns are worse than others – there are steps that can be taken to find the root cause of the fear and anxiety. Once the root cause is found, there are ways to work through these issues and to limit the impact fear and anxiety have on your life.
    Dr Feidemann Schaub has developed a program that helps you find the root problems and shows you for to deal with these causes of fear and anxiety. Many people take various medications to ease their fears and anxiety – however that is a temporary fix. On the other hand, Dr Schaub’s program works in a way that will help you find the problems and FIX them – not just mask them temporarily.

    The Fear and Anxiety Solution is based on his program and walks you through the steps to find your solution to fear and anxiety. He says that “the person who starts the book is not the same person who will finish the book”. That’s a powerful statement and if you read the book and apply the various steps as he outlines them – you can and will notice a difference in YOUR life.

    This is the table of contents for The Fear and Anxiety Solution to give you an idea of some of the topics that are covered.Read more ›

  4. This book is for everyone! We all live with varying levels of fear and anxiety, and life so much more enjoyable with out them. What I believe is so special about this book is that even though it offers very original, very powerful methods that are proven to work; it is so approachable, so charming and even gentle in it’s presentation. I also appreciate that Dr. Schaub taps into all levels of our own resources: our conscious, our sub-conscious and our higher conscious for real permanent change; yet again, in an understandable. straightforward way that invites us to help ourselves. This book has it all. It has those little pearls of wisdom that I love to collect along my way, authentic tools for change, and a tone that makes the reader want to get on board.

  5. This is more than a book. It is an experience! You will learn about how you got to the stuckness you’re in and how fear and anxiety works against us and for us. Dr. Schaub is masterful and authentic in sharing heartfelt stories of transforming illness to wellness, depression to joy, and self-loathing to self-loving. Dr. Schaub will challenge you to challenge your sub-conscious mind to choose healing and empowerment over limitation and helplessness. You will journey on the bridge of your empowered destiny and potential. Beyond that, Dr. Schaub invites all of us to choose a life of thriving and inspiring others as well as ourselves. Only read this book if you want to transform your life and learn to love your inner compass of joy! Get ready, get set and let the healing begin.

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