Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution

Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution

The phenomenal #1 bestseller—on the New York Times bestseller list for an extraordinary SIX YEARS—Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution is still the safest, easiest, most effective weight-loss program available!  You’ve tried all the rest—from the Beverly Hills Diet to the South Beach Diet—Atkins is the proven one, the weight-loss plan that works!    


  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: HarpPeren (June 1, 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0380803682
  • ISBN-13: 978-0380803682
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  1. As a health practitioner and a patient of Dr. Atkins’ since 1974, I’ve been aware of the controversy surrounding Dr. Atkins for a long time. I was a 12-year-old with a 350 cholesterol, who was well on his way to being a 14 or 15-year-old dead from a heart attack. Dr. Atkins put me on that oh-so-maligned diet of his, and in three months of no-sugar/no-carbs, high-fat/high-protein, my cholesterol dropped from 350 to 210. I’ve yet, in all the years since, to see another diet, or a drug for that matter, that can claim the same results. I’ve also never seen someone who has helped so many people go through such a sustained assault from the medical mainstream and the media. This extraordinary book not only updates the work he’s been doing for the past 30 years; it cites extensive research that backs up his positions. (One of the ongoing attacks, for years, was that he based his conclusions solely on his 35,000 + patients, and never cited actual clinical studies.)
    One of the most compelling parts of the book is the section on heart health/cholesterol–one of the topics for which he has consistently taken the most heat. He shows dramatically how much of the mainstream theory is being disproven by more and more studies: fat is not the enemy; sugar and high carbs (especially refined carbs) are more dangerous by far.
    The other major gripe I have with the reception of this book is the assumption that the extreme low-carb approach is what Dr. Atkins advocates for everybody. Read more carefully, folks: that’s the WEIGHT LOSS program.Read more ›

  2. This is my third report on this amazing, by now clinically and scientifically very well documented and proven diet.
    I lost a staggering 147 pounds on it, with ease I might add, while improving my lipid profiles dramatically. All that in about 18 months time, without exercise, all the while eating luxuriously. Without hunger, without cravings, without my nose falling off.
    Being a scientist myself, I can wholeheartedly back this diet from my very own personal experience with it, as well as from the readily available, copious amounts of peer-reviewed, scientific research and literature. There is nothing strange, dangerous, “fad” or even boring about this diet if you follow a few supersimple guidelines:
    1. Read (really READ) the book cover to cover at least twice. Let it sink in.
    2. Ignore the noisy negativist critics, but stick with the facts, as outlined in his copiously footnoted and referenced book
    3. Have a full checkup before starting the diet. This will make it easier to check and validate the astounding improvements in your lipid profile.
    4. Keep a diary and keep track of your progress.
    5. Eat all you want of the allowed foods but do not gorge.
    6. Drink LOTS of water. At least 3 liters a day as a rule of thumb.
    You will see vast improvements in the first week. After the second week of Induction (only the first phase of this brilliant regimen) you will see and feel dramatic improvements. If you have lots to lose, like I did, you can opt to stay in ketosis (a absolutely natural and fully safe metabolical state) and keep losing fast. Otherwise you can add more veggies and other healthy carbs to your diet and slow down weight loss a bit. Just follow the book, it is clear enough.Read more ›

  3. The program works. Like most, I was leary about all the fat in this diet. Then I realized that the fat that I was carrying around was a lot more dangerous.I enjoy the program. Wake up to eggs and bacon. Eat burgers and cheese, macadian nuts, cream cheese, fish and lots more.My skin is tight. My nails are great. My husband has trimmed 7 inches off his waist. No more potbelly and more energy and vitality than I have seen in nearly a decade. I have lost in all the major fat accumulation areas. My hair looks healthy again (I am a 40-something year old) and have more energy than I had in my teens.Aside from the the recipes in the book, I also took some supplements including a herbal product.I have tried the High carb/fiber diets. They didn’t work for me. Just bloated me.This is the best. People tell me I look about 10 years younger (attests to the value of protein)Disregard the negative remarks. If everyone agreed, then I would be worried.If I can be of help, let me know.Feel free to e-mail me @[email protected]

  4. UPDATE NOVEMBER 2004 It has been a few years since I wrote this review; it is now dated by the progressive deterioration in the QUALITY of our food supply. Better choices now are The Maker’s Diet (Jordan)(the current BEST choice), The No Grain Diet (Mercola), The Schwarzbein Principle (1 and 2). These diets are a lot of work, since they emphasize the QUALITY of your food choices. If that is too much for you, Atkins remains a good place to start, and is MUCH better then doing nothing.

    Also check out […] […] […] and (of course my own) […]

    One final thought: Dr. Atkins was FAR ahead of his time recognizing the importance of lowering insulin levles by eliminating sugar and simple carbohydrates. He will always get my vote for a Nobel prize. Dr. Atkins, may you rest in peace.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is the book everyone loves to hate! Every time I ask people what they didn’t like about this book I hear one criticism after another. I’m sure you’ve heard them too. Next time you hear these criticisms, ask you friend some of the following questions:

    “Which of the Atkins diets did you disagree with? The Induction, Pre-Maintenance, or Maintenance phase?”
    “Which of the 55 vegetables which Dr. Atkin’s lists to include in your diet do you think is unhealthy?”

    You will almost always find THEY NEVER READ THE BOOK. And most people who have “tried” the Atkins Diet never read the book either.

    If you are heavy someone needs to tell you that YOU ARE DYING. Right now. Your weight is killing you faster then you know.Read more ›

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